Professional astronomers have long enjoyed the benefits of sophisticated robotic telescope systems that enable them to spend more time viewing Astro data and less time and tedium collecting it. Now, for the first time, the surprisingly affordable PARAMOUNT GT-1100s telescope mount system puts this same capability within reach of schools, colleges, universities and advanced amateur astronomers. The GT-1100s is the first telescope mount that we know of in the marketplace that is designed to leverage the computational power of today’s personal computers to springboard the amateur into professional performance at a fraction of the cost of comparable research-grade systems.

Internal wiring for mount control plus auto-guider input, parallel or serial port CCD camera control and two additional devices (dew heater, video camera, etc.).

18 kg (40 lb.) counterweights provided.

Control System Specifications:
  • MKS-3000 DC-Servo Control System.
  • Auto-guider input port.
  • Brushless DC Servo motors: DC Servo motors provide fast slew speeds and consistent torque at all slew rates.
  • A maximum slew rate of five degrees per second in right ascension and seven degrees per second in declination.
  • Permanent periodic error correction (programmable).
  • AutoHome(TM) capability (to better than one arc-second) with built-in sensor circuitry on each axis ensures that the mount always knows its orientation (after a one-time initialization), even after power failure.
  • Integrated telescope control via TheSky Astronomy Software.


Professional Astronomy Software Suite Software (Included with Paramount GT-1100s): TheSky™ Astronomy Software Level IV, Version 5. TheSky graphical astronomy software provides the data for quickly locating celestial objects. Included in the database are millions of objects and the ability to add your observing targets easily.

TPoint™ Telescope Pointing Analysis Software. TPoint works in concert with TheSky first by learning the inherent errors in the telescope system, then by correcting for these errors each time the GT-1100s is instructed to slew.

CCDSoft™ CCD Astronomy software for CCD camera control and image processing. CCDSoft controls a variety of CCD cameras, including, but not limited to, the complete SBIG line. Taking CCD exposures is as simple as point and click with your computer mouse. Once downloaded, a whole array of image processing functions, including photometry, are at your disposal to analyze and manipulate your data. Orchestrate™ scripting software for telescope and CCD camera automation.

Orchestrate is a powerful scripting application that oversees and controls the other software in the bundle and the GT-1100s to sequentially image a “laundry list” of objects that you select for viewing or CCD imaging. IAClient™ for controlling TheSky and CCDSoft over the Internet. IAServer™ for allowing remote clients running RASClient to access your telescope and CCD Camera via the Internet.

Software and Hardware Requirements:

TPoint Telescope Pointing Analysis Software (supplied with a purchase of a Paramount GT-1100S). Optical Tube Assembly (not included). Pier oriented within 5 degrees (in azimuth) of the Celestial Pole. NOTE: Custom Piers are available from ITE. Please let us know your needs.

Recommended Additional Equipment (Not Included with the GT-1100s): JMI or another electronic focuser for zero image-shift focusing. Wide-field finder scope. Low-light video camera for rapid telescope mapping.

I know you are thinking after reading this that a robotic mount with all of these features probably costs $US 50,000 or more, right? WRONG! ITE Pricing: Paramount GT-1100s Mount: $8,500.00 + $140 S&H Pier Segments to support the mount: Call for pricing and availability CCD and CCD Video Cameras, Guidescopes, etc.: Call Delivery times are running 6 to 9 weeks. Order your PARAMOUNT today and enter the 21st century of astronomy! A 50% deposit will confirm your order.

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